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Talamh Beo Presents The Hedge School

The Talamh Beo Hedge School is the group’s educational area. The video blog section features a series of talks, interviews and webinars hosted by Talamh Beo core group member, Breda Larkin. There is something for everyone here, from mob grazing advice, to holistic farming and even a rap written by Breda on the theme of “The Land is on Drugs”!

You can also quickly access our updates from the EIP Soil Biodiversity Agri Project and follow our on the ground learning.

Talamh Beo also produce educational pamphlets and reading material which are an excellent resource, not only for farmers, but for students and anyone who is concerned about farming and food production in Ireland. 

EIP Soil Biodiversity Agri Project Updates

Hands & Soil

Dr Aga presents at ‘Lets Talk Farming’

Home Dr Aga presents at ‘Lets Talk Farming’ ‘Lets Talk…

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Hands & Soil

Incorporating Cover Crops into the Soil

Home Incorporating Cover Crops into the Soil Maurice Deasy explaining…

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Hands & Soil

Day One at Bridget’s Farm

Home Day 1 at Bridget Murphy’s Farm Day 1 of…

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Hands & Soil

EIP Agri Project Announcement

Talamh Beo has been awarded EIP funding for its Soil…

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Educational Material

The Talamh Beo Explainer Series – part of Talamh Beo’s Soil Biodiversity Literacy & Enhancement Project.

Here you can find viewable and downloadable PDFs of our educational material. Click on the expand icon to view the PDFs in your browser.

Our Funding Partners

The Soil Biodiversity Literacy and Enhancement project is an EIP (European Innovation Partnership) project being administered by The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. The Project is funded by the EU Recovery Instrument Funding under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2022