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Seed Sovereignty

Saving the Source of our Food Systems

Our Focus

  • Saving our Seeds at Garden, Community & Farm level
  • Creating Networks of Local Seed Savers
  • Building and Preserving Crop Diversity and Heritage
  • Sharing Seed Knowledge and Experience

Whoever controls seeds, controls the food supply.

Why Do We Need Seed Sovereignty?

Ownership of seeds is the primary issue that seed sovereignty seeks to address. 

Several major agricultural/seed corporations are modifying seeds and claiming them as their property. Farmers can buy these seeds, but are not allowed to save seed for the next season, forcing them to buy again from the corporation. Some seeds have been modified to only germinate with application of chemicals produced by the corporations. This means that the farmer is losing control over how they choose to grow and treat their crops.

Seed Sovereignty is the right of a farmer to save, use, exchange and sell his or her own seeds.

Around the world, seed diversity is threatened, and yet it is critical for ensuring a secure and resilient food system that serves both people and planet. At a time of climate crisis, there has never been greater urgency to protect and restore global seed diversity!

Talamh Beo supports community groups and growers dedicated to conserving diverse varieties of vegetable seed, oats or grains. Reviving the related knowledge associated with these varieties through research and intergenerational learning. This includes encouraging local seed initiatives and peer to peer learning exchanges

Talamh Beo will be actively informing the general public and influencing policy makers about the need for diverse, open-pollinated seed, where to buy them and how to support small-scale producers through fair legislation. We will also be supporting variety trials and explore participatory plant breeding for future resilience.

If you would like to read more, click here to visit SeedSovereignty.info or read our leaflet below:

Vol. 7 Seed Sovereignty

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