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Soil – it provides us with food, fiber, fuel & medicine; filters & stores water; hosts a quarter of Earth’s biodiversity & has a vital role to play in mitigating & adapting to climate change. A valuable natural resource, often overlooked, mistreated & under threat.

Talamh Beo has been awarded EIP funding for its Soil Biodiversity Literacy And Enhancement Project. Made up of 16 participant farms, of different scale, type & enterprise. They will take part in soil courses run by some of the world’s leading soil scientists. Follow their journey across our social media & on our website!

“The Soil Biodiversity Literacy and Enhancement EIP project, is about putting our feet back on healthy ground by growing the biodiversity in our soils”

– Bridget Murphy, Project Coordinator

For the 16 participating farms there will be an educational component provided by leaders in the field which will be applied in real time on test plots on each farm. The test plots will cover a range of ecosystems and soil types and conditions over several land use practices (horticulture, tillage, pasture grazing, woodland or agroforestry etc) and in different water catchment areas (with a good geographic spread).

“I am aware of how important our soil is. I wanted to take part in this project as a way to educate myself and my family. I want to protect my soil for future generations”.

– Joanne Butler, Farmer & Participant

Once trained, these 16 farms will then go on to become “Lighthouse Farms”, bringing their learning and skills to other farmers and growers in their area. This will be part of the knowledge transfer element of the project, along with website and social media updates, farm walks and talks, live demonstrations and the publication of findings throughout the journey, right here on talamhbeo.ie

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