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Local Food Policy

Putting Food Back in the Community

Our Focus

  • Delivers viable incomes for local food producers
  • Delivers nutrient dense food into communities
  • Delivers for habitat and ecosystems
  • Delivers resilient and sustainable communities

We want everyone in Ireland to have access to locally produced, nutrient dense, chemical-free food. We also want farmers to earn a fair living from providing that food into their communities. 

That means creating pathways for local food production through a positive policy frame work which incorporates:

  • income supports, 
  • labour and finance incentives, 
  • pilot projects for land access and 
  • a focus on short supply chains and infrastructure.

“There’s great potential in Ireland for more food being produced here instead of overseas” – Fergal Anderson, Leaf & Root and Talamh Beo

Complementing our Local Food Policy Framework would be:

  1. Institutional recognition for Local Food Producers
  2. A multi-department, integrated approach to reviving and climate proofing our rural communities

We have created our own Local Food Policy Framework. Please read it below and support our campaign to help local producers supply YOU with the best produce.

Read our Local Food Policy Framework and explainers on Food Sovereignty here:

Local Food Policy Framework
Vol. 3 Local Food Policy - Beginners
Vol. 3 Local Food Policy - Advanced

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