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Do You Know Your Water Catchment Area?

Your water catchment area doesn't just affect your drinking water, it also has a massive impact on the quality of life of your whole community. Your local ecosystems are dependent on the quality and make up of the water sources in the area. The health, variety and abundance of plants and wildlife can vary greatly depending on what nutrients are available in the water.
A water catchment is the land and area around a water source such as a river or lake. In our map, you will see the Irish water catchment areas outlined. Hover over the locations to see the names and details of each catchment.

Water Catchments
Water Bodies

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Water catchment area details from https://gis.epa.ie/EPAMaps 


How to find your catchment

We love using catchments.ie - it is a mine of useful and fascinating information. If you haven't used it before, join us in a quick tour of their GIS maps, then you can continue your explorations and find your own catchment area!

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