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Climate Change & Biodiversity

The Soil Can Save Us & Agroecology Can Heal the Earth

Our Focus:

  • Understanding the Scale of the Problem
  • How Agroecology can Fix the Problem

Climate change and biodiversity decline are a major challenge of our time. Both are severely impacted by agricultural activities, with profound consequences for people and the ecosystems on which we depend.

Agroecology can help farmers mitigate and adapt to climate change, as well as to conserve and restore biodiversity – starting with the soil.

Talamh Beo have chosen to address the issue of soil biodiversity through our EIP Project – we understand as farmers on the ground that the soil is at the beginning and end of almost all farm processes and as such is a vital resource not only for our farms but also for the health and nutrient quality of the food we produce. As such we believe it is vital that farmers take an active role in building a better understanding of soil in all its complexity – particularly in regard to biological below ground diversity.

Read our explainer on Climate Change & Biodiversity here:

Vol. 6 Climate & Biodiversity

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