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Dr Aga presents at ‘Lets Talk Farming’

HomeDr Aga presents at ‘Lets Talk Farming’ 'Lets Talk Farming' Day at Leitrim Organic Centre  This Saturday (26th March) Dr...
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Incorporating Cover Crops into the Soil

HomeIncorporating Cover Crops into the Soil Maurice Deasy explaining incorporating cover crops into the soilMaurice's overwintered cover crop of mustard...
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Solutions to Slurry

HomeSolutions to Slurry 'Solutions to Slurry' with Leslie DwyerLeslie Dwyer is the founder of Apsbioag, a solution based company for...
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Mob Grazing with Sinéad Moran

HomeMob Grazing with Sinéad Moran Mob Grazing with Sinéad MoranA little farm walk with the wonderful Sinéad Moran. She give...
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Connecting with La Via Campesina

HomeConnecting with La Via Campesina Connecting with La Via CampesinaBreda Larkin speaks with to Duminicioiu Ramona who sits on the...
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The Birth of Talamh Beo

HomeThe Birth of Talamh Beo The Birth of Talamh BeoFergal Anderson is a founding member of Talamh Beo and is...
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Holistic Land Management

HomeHolistic Land Management Holistic Land ManagementFergal Smith runs Moyhill Farm in Co. Clare. One of his many passions is Holistic...
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CAP & Farm to Fork

HomeCAP & Farm to Fork Everything you need to know about CAP & Farm to ForkJohn Brennan is a member...
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Talking to your local Senator

HomeTalking to your local Senator Talking to your local SenatorSenator Aisling Dolan is a newly elected senator and here explains...
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The Land is on Drugs

Home The Land is on Drugs 10-10-20 The Land is on Drugs Bridget Murphy is a sheep farmer with deep...
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The Power of Mycelium

Home The Power of Mycelium The Power of Mycelium with Thomas O'Connor In this video Thomas O'Connor of Manna Organics...
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The Land is on Drugs Part II

HomeThe Land is on Drugs Part II The Land is on Drugs - The WebinarA recording of the webinar from...
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Day One at Bridget’s Farm

HomeDay 1 at Bridget Murphy's Farm Day 1 of Testing on Bridget Murphy's Farm in South SligoThe first day of...
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EIP Agri Project Announcement

Talamh Beo has been awarded EIP funding for its Soil Biodiversity Literacy And Enhancement Project
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