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La Via Campesina, 8th International Conference, Bogota

La Via Campesina is the world’s largest social movement. The movement is a coordinated collective of peasants, farmers, landworkers and pastoralists from around the world who organise together to counteract the power of transnational companies and extractive industries, while proposing alternatives based on Food Sovereignty and Agroecology.

Talamh Beo has been a member of the European Coordination Via Campesina (the European branch of the international movement) for the last four years. 

La Via Campesina conference 2023

An historic occasion for Talamh Beo

From December 1 to 8, 2023, La Via Campesina will host their 8th International Conference in Bogota, Colombia. It is an especially important occasion for Talamh Beo as our organisation will be officially incorporated into La Via Campesina international, making us the first Irish organisation to become a member of this movement. Fergal Anderson and Janet Power will represent Talamh Beo at the conference to fly the flag for both Talamh Beo and Ireland, marking this historic moment.

“It is an honour to represent Talamh Beo on this historic occasion. By becoming official members of La Via Campesina, we establish Irish roots in the global landscape of solidarity, united by the profound relationship of working the land. This December in Bogota we will collaborate with our International peers to embed the principles of Food Sovereignty and Agroecology globally, prioritizing feeding our communities over enriching corporations.”  – Janet Power 

Conference theme

Every five years the International movement meets to reaffirm their shared purpose, and discuss and debate strategies for working together moving forward. 

This December in Bogota the focus is on market regulation – how we can build an alternative to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the rules that currently govern international trade. That means striving for trade based on people’s Food Sovereignty, on solidarity rather than competition and trade that prioritises feeding people rather than enriching private corporations, speculators and other agribusiness entities.

Solidarity and cross-cultural understanding

La Via Campesina, meaning “The way or path of the peasant/farmer”, is unique. For the last three decades the movement has represented an extraordinary achievement of solidarity and cross-cultural understanding, when to even exist at all has been a huge challenge. There are currently 182 member organisations hailing from 81 different countries.

At this year’s conference in Bogota, a team of more than 100 volunteers will support more than 500 delegates from across the world with translation into 17 languages.

In spite of the different languages, cultures and climates, farmers in La Via Campesina find common ground in their shared practice of working the land. Farmers have a profound relationship to the land which transcends national, linguistic or other boundaries and this mutual bond is the glue that holds La Via Campesina together. We are proud to stand alongside them and proud to march to the beat of their drum.

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