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Our Food, Our Future - Agroecology NOT Agribusiness

Farmers and citizens from across Ireland will come together in the Landmark Hotel in Carrick on Shannon on the 15th of October to discuss the future of agriculture and land use in Ireland in this event hosted by Talamh Beo.

Talamh Beo Public Forum. Our Food, Our Future

What future for Irish Agriculture and Land use?​

The farmers’ and citizens’ organisation Talamh Beo invites farmers and citizens to explore the direction of food and agriculture in Ireland – how we can create a food and agriculture system which is built to last, which can sustain and regenerate our ecosystems and communities while providing food far into the future. The event will explore the local to the global, as well as the Agroecological perspective Talamh Beo believes provides the way forward. Agroecology, as promoted by Talamh Beo, prioritises biodiversity and healthy soil. It respects Ireland’s agricultural heritage and aims to support local crops, rural economies, and reduce the environmental impact of farming. 

“Agroecology’s not just a buzzword.” says Bridget Murphy of Talamh Beo.

“It’s a transformative approach to agriculture and society that promotes resilient ecosystems as well as resilient communities. By working with nature, not against it, we can produce healthier food, revitalise rural communities, and reduce the environmental impact of food production.”

In the context of a rapidly changing and unpredictable global climate and geopolitical situation, Talamh Beo also believe there needs to be a greater emphasis on ensuring everyone on the island has access to high-quality, nutritious food produced by farmers in their communities and hinterlands, rather than solely on growing the profits of transnational companies. 

“Farmers all over Ireland are ready to meet the challenges we face, and many are tired of being manipulated by agribusinesses, industrial lobbies and poor government policies. We are well equipped for the transition, we just need the supports and the changes to happen in the right way for farmers” says John Brennan of Talamh Beo and the Leitrim Organic Farmers COOP.

Panel Speakers

The Forum will host a panel of farmers and invited speakers and will also encourage attendees to participate in round table discussions. Our speakers include:

Bridget Murphy – Agroecology in Action : With over 30 years experience working on the ground with farmers around livelihoods, land use & agrarian reform, Bridget brings a ground-based approach to areas of research and policy. Agrarian reform includes transitioning from the current model, which is focused on industry and competitive growth, to an agro-ecological model that delivers for land, people & community. Bridget is the Project Manager for the Talamh Beo Soil Biodiversity Literacy & Enhancement EIP Project. She also farms 125 acres in Dromard, County Sligo.

Fergal Anderson – Food Sovereignty and Global TradeFergal worked in Brussels for La Via Campesina before returning to Ireland 12 years ago to establish a farm in east Galway with his partner, Emanuela Russo. The couple supply vegetables and fruits to local restaurants and manage a mixed-species woodland. A long-time campaigner for Food Sovereignty, Fergal is committed to helping transform our food systems for the better.

Janet Power – Local Food SystemsFor the past seven years, Janet has been co-running an organic market on a half-acre plot in County Carlow, with her partner Jenny Watkins. She previously served as a board member of the Irish Organic Association and is currently undertaking an MSc. in Organic Agriculture. Janet is a passionate advocate of agroecology and local food.

John Brennan –  Farming and Agribusiness in IrelandJohn has managed Leitrim Organic Farmers Coop since 2001 and has farmed Irish Moiled Cattle and sheep in Roscommon since 1998. He is Chairman of the National Organic Training Skillnet (NOTS) and the Irish Native Rare Breeds Society (INRBS). An organic advisor and general farm advisor John’s hope is for a new path for agriculture in Ireland – one that will be led by agroecology and that will ensure that those who wish to farm can do so through the tenets of Food Sovereignty.


Have your say – join the conversation at our open Forum

We welcome open discussion around Irish agriculture and local food production. Our forum is a free event, open to anyone with concerns around the future of our food system. Please join us and have your say. If you have any questions about the event contact us at info@talamhbeo.ie.

We look forward to meeting you at the Landmark Hotel in Carrick-on-Shannon for an afternoon of engaging chat and exchange. Don’t forget to register your place below.

Talamh Beo are happy to provide spokespeople on food and farming issues, please contact info@talamhbeo.ie