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Living From The Land

Agroecology, Livelihoods & Practice

Our Focus Points:

  • Farmer to Farmer Learning
  • Exploring Diversity of Practices
  • Developing Agroecological Approaches
  • Delivering Land-Based Livelihoods
  • Organics
  • Making Organic Farming the Norm not the Exception
    • Ensuring All Citizens have Access to Organic (chemical free) Food
    • Organic Plus – Embracing Biological and Regenerative Systems
    • Supporting Good Animal Welfare

Living from the Land is our Agroecology in Action project.

It is an applied science that studies ecological processes applied to agricultural production systems from the ground up / between farmers in a peer-to-peer / farmer-to-farmer / or as La Via Campesina calls it peasant-to-peasant approach, via

a. farmer to farmer learning in the field and on the farm
b. farm walks, demonstrating practices and sharing experiences
c. looking at new machinery and appropriate scale technologies
d. Composts, inoculation, biology and biochemistry in practice

A set of 10 elements underpins agroecology: diversity, synergies, efficiency, resilience, recycling, co-creation & sharing of knowledge, human & social values, culture & food traditions, responsible governance and solidarity economy.

The ten elements of agroecology are inter-linked & inter-dependent.

It is a social movement building community – this includes farmers, land workers, consumers, education, policy and academia via

a. Social gathering and exchanges

b. Farm feasts and community gatherings

Read our explainers on Agroecology here:

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